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A Donation Call for fighting Wuhan novel coronavirus (expired)

Updated: Jan 30

Dear friends,

As you may have learned the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus has forced a lock-down of Wuhan and a few other cities.  Our hearts are with the people there who are fighting the virus. We hope they will win this battle quickly. However because of the severity of the virus and massive affected population, medical staffs there are in short supply of needed medical supplies. This places them in danger of spreading the infection not only to themselves but to others.

Chinese School of Rochester has joined the fight and now reaches out to our friends for a donation to battle the  Wuhan coronavirus. We will use the raised funds to purchase protective gear like masks and other urgently needed medical supplies and ship them directly to the medical staff in Wuhan.

Please donate via the following channels:

QuickPay: Ling Zhou /

Venmo: @ling-zhou-78888

PayPal:  5854781857

Check: Ling Zhou, 400 Andres Street, Suite 710, Rochester, NY 14602

We will keep you posted on donation usage, medical supply purchase and shipment info. We will also provide receipts for your donation tax deduction.

We thank you in advance for your donation and your great helps!

Link to our current donors:

Principal: Zhenzhi Tang

Accounting Director: Zheming Zhang

Purchasing Director: Hongyue Wang

Receiver: Ling Zhou


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