K: Ms. Jing Che (车婧) 

Teacher of K class, 5 years and older.

G1-(1): Ms. Shiyu Jiang (蒋诗雨)

Master from University of Rochester. Currently working as a full time teacher. Has been teaching at CSR since 2018.

G1-(2): Ms. Zao Lei (雷早)

Master in Translation Theory and Practice from Xinan Jiaotong University and Master in Education from University of Rochester. Has been teaching at CSR since 2016.

G2: Ms. Hualei Li (李花蕾) 

Gradued from Capital University of Medical Sciences in China and University of Iowa. Has been teaching at CSR since 2018.

G3: Ms. Siyu Wu (吴思雨) 

Teacher of third grade. 

G4: Ms. Fang He (何芳)

Teacher of the forth grade.

G5: Ms. Ying Cao (曹瑛)

Has been teaching at CSR since 2005.

G7: Ms. Xuqing Chen (陈旭清)

Teacher of seventh grade. 

G8: Ms. Hui Sun (孙惠) 

Teacher of eighth grade. 

APC: Ms. Yinghua Yang (杨颖华) 

Teacher of AP Chinese class.

CSL1: Ms. Mengqian Ou (欧孟茜) 

Teacher of CSL1, 5 years and older.

CSL3: Ms. Wenfang Gao (高文芳)

Teacher of CSL3 class.

CSL4: Ms. Qinqin Xiao (肖琴琴)

Master from Huazhong University of Science of Technology; Ed. D in progress; Hong Kong registered teacher, Tennessee teacher license & Washington DC teacher license.

HA1: Ms. Ling He (何玲)

Teacher of High School / Adult class 1.

HA2: Ms. Guoming Tian (田国明)

Teacher of High School / Adult Class 2. MS from Nazareth College, MS and PhD from University of Rochester. Taught at Rochester City Schools. Has been teaching at UR and RIT. Has been teaching at CSR since 1996.  

HA2: Ms. Selina Liu (刘雨桐)

Teacher of High School / Adult Intermediate Class. Graduated from SUNY Geneseo as a Biology major. Has been teaching at CSR since 2015.

ESL: Mr. Russ Camp 

Learning English is hard work, but I want to try to make it fun。I have found over the years that students may feel reluctant to open up and speak for fear of not being able to use the correct English word.  One part I enjoy is to teach about all the crazy things that Americans say.  You will be exposed to frequently used idioms, expressions, and adages. “It’s raining cats and dogs.”  “Buying a pig in a poke”. “That’s a half baked idea”. To Americans these sayings are understandable, but to someone not totally familiar with our language, she is left scratching her head. 


ESL(English as a Second Language, 成人英语课程),教授日常生活和正式场合的英语口语会话。课程适合英文水平介于中国高中到大学二年级水平的人士。

ART: Ms. Ning Su (苏宁)

Teacher of Art1 Fundamental Drawing & Painting (基础素描和色彩) Class, Art2 Calligraphy / Chinese Painting (书法和中国画).

RP: Mr. Shawn Liu (刘少华)

Teacher of Robotics Programming.

RP: Mr. JustinTang

Teacher of Robotics Programming. Recently graduated from Case Western Reserve University, studying Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering. Currently he is continuing his education at RIT, looking to receive his Master's degree in Computer Science.

MATH1: Ms. Yahan Xie (解雅涵) 

Teacher of Math1 (5-7 years old). Yahan is currently in her senior year of her undergraduate studies pursuing a degree in psychology and a minor in ASL at the U of R. She has been teaching at CSR since 2018 and hopes to teach elementary school full time one day.

MATH2: Ms. Guoming Tian (田国明)

Teacher of Math 2 (8-10 years old).

MATH3: Mr. Qin Xu (许琴)

Teacher of Math 3 (11+ years old).

DANCE: Ms. Mengqian Ou (欧孟茜) 

Teacher of Chinese Dance.

DANCE: Ms. Qihong Lou (娄琪红) 

Teacher of Chinese Dance.

CHOIR: Ms. Aize Wang (王爱泽) 

Teacher of Chinese Youth Choir (合唱团).

Head Teacher: Ms. Shan Feng (冯珊) 

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